We Are Open is a Hong Kong based Creative Consultancy with a difference. We are transforming the client/agency dynamic through open-source thinking and empowering clients through creative collaboration.
We were born from a desire to do things differently. With decades of experience in Asia and Globally, our founding partner comes from a 4As background, yet felt the constraints of the system limiting the strategic and creative delivery.
We have developed an open-source way of working, partnering with clients and a diverse network of external experts to solve problems in new ways.
Every project is different, it may be a trend workshop, consumer truth session, or a product innovation day - but our goal is effective work that drives our clients businesses.
WAO believes that collaboration is vital to be truly creative. Brands must stay relevant in the face of a constantly evolving media landscape and a socially-empowered audience. The answer cannot be found in isolation, it needs input from multiple perspectives to uncover the solution. That also means working with our clients as one team. No closed doors, no division of labour - we solve problems together. This is “open-source creativity”.
With our global network of thinkers, creators & producers we can deliver world-class execution in design, content, technology, physical or digital experiences and more.
As our name implies, we are open to working however you need. It might simply be creative consulting or strategic planning. No problem.
But where we add most value is through our unique approach to working with clients. Being "open-source", we actually form a team with our clients (and relevant collaborators). Unlike traditional agencies who get a brief then come back one or two weeks later, we work with you face to face as one team. That means we solve the problem together and fast.
In essence, we are workshopping and answering your brief with you over a series of highly focused and effective meetings. It saves time and money as well as the frustration of waiting weeks to get a response.
A multi-cultural, international, melting pot of experienced individuals that constantly shifts according to each new project. Led by Creative Partner Chris Jones, who has decades of experience working for some of the world’s leading brands at agencies such as DDB, Havas, Ogilvy and more, WAO is disrupting the classic agency model to help clients explore new ideas and ways of thinking.
WAO collaborators include strategists, technologists, project managers, copywriters, designers, filmmakers, architects and everything in between. If you want to be a client or a collaborator - our inbox is always open.